Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Success with 3D Printing – Solo and Complementary – For Communication

Today’s guest blog was submitted by Matthew Mondo, Affiliate AIA Member, and Vice President at Impact 3D Models, LLC –

With the rapid development and seemly infinite amounts of uses for 3D printing, users are always interested to see what makes this unique technology stand out. While the most visible use is communication, what’s important is how the physical model is used to communicate the message. Many of us are familiar with how 3D printing can rapidly communicate ideas among internal design team members, but it is beyond the design office where 3D printing really stands out.

Many of Impact 3D Models’ customers have used their models to communicate ideas, whether it is an architectural firm showing their prospective client a ‘hard to describe with words’ design, or a product design firm displaying their concepts to their client with 3D prints. It may seem obvious to daily users of 3D printing, but to people unfamiliar with the process, viewing a 3D physical model allows them, in less than a minute, to understand a design which would normally take twenty 2D renderings and several hours of discussion to accomplish. Designers that want to take their presentations to the next level utilize a multimedia approach, including full color renderings and virtual walk-throughs, with their 3D physical model sitting in front of the customer to provide them with the ultimate spatial relation and communication tool set.

Whether you have your own in house printing equipment or utilize a professional service bureau to produce your models, custom 3D models are both a cost effective and extremely useful way to communicate your designs and gain stakeholder approvals!