Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ZPrint Helps Vision Impaired Couple Visualize New Home

How many of you watch the ABC television series Extreme Home Makeover?

An architectural scale model built by Z Corp. customer Moody Nolan of Columbus, Ohio, and supported by Z Corp. channel partner 3DP Technology, appeared on the December 5th edition of the popular TV show. A visually impaired couple devoted to helping the local community received a home makeover, complete with technologies that help people with disabilities. Since the couple could not see their new home, a ZPrinted model was provided to them so they could feel their home in order to get a sense of what it looked like.

The full episode can be seen in the following link: Watch for the scene after they move the bus to expose the family’s new home.

A video showing how the model was made appears in the following link:

Note that Moody Nolan uses a ZPrinter 650 for maximum build size, and with zp150 composite material, they are able to infiltrate their ZPrints with salt water spray. Like many architects, Moody Nolan wants to produce the whitest models at the lowest costs in the fastest time. The ZPrinter 650 with zp150 enables them to do so.

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