Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Make the World a Better Place

Today’s guest blog comes from Matt Sederberg, CEO of T-Splines, Inc.

I'd like to thank Z Corporation for sponsoring our 2011 T-Splines design contest, "Make the world a better place," where we are giving away over 100 prizes, including CAD software, iPads, and 3D prints.

If you haven't heard of T-Splines, it's a plug-in that provides a new, easier way to make organic surfaces for manufacturing/building in Rhino and SolidWorks. Where T-Splines really shines is how fast it lets you make changes - the entire model can be one unified surface, so by pushing and pulling you can explore many design iterations. Watch this video to learn more.

The 2011 T-Splines contest has five categories: architecture, transit, jewelry, consumer products, and miscellaneous.

The architecture category comes with a special offer: Z Corp will ship 3D prints of your model to you during the contest so you can see your design evolve in real life! What a cool opportunity! You'll need to get moving quickly, though - to be eligible for the Z Corp prints during the contest you need to be registered for the contest and submit your first design by July 5. Judges will determine the top designs eligible for 3D printing.

I look forward to seeing your contest entries. Here are a few images of 3D prints from last year’s contest.