Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Create More Client Enthusiasm with 3D Printing

Andrew Chary Architect, P.L.L.C. is a seven person residential design firm in upstate NY. As their website states, "(We) strive to create 'Heirloom Architecture.'" This timeless approach to design produces superior built environments that hold the capacity to be cherished by patrons and family for countless generations.

As Andrew Chary describes it …“We enrich our clients’ lives through immersion in the design process, and nothing works better for immersion than a 3D physical model. We first saw a ZPrinter at a trade show in 2007, and we were so impressed that we bought one within weeks. I quickly figured out that I could transform my business process to use ZPrints in many different ways to communicate and inspire my clients.”

Multi-piece large home ZPrinted model, with Andrew Chary Architect, Lake Placid printed on top of driveway.
Andrew continues … “We practice architecture to have very personalized projects built and enjoyed. With ZPrints, we have been able to get quicker approvals of details.”

Realization of Details with screen shot and close up of ZPrint on boat house corner column.
"The ZPrinter has enhanced our credibility as gifted artist architects, and has made us the “go-to” firm in our region for winning difficult municipal applications."

Lake house and boat house.
For Andrew Chary Architects, it’s all about leveraging 3D printing for design inspiration and client enthusiasm. For a more comprehensive view of Andrew Chary’s design process, view the webcast: How Andrew Chary Architect Leverages 3D Printing for Smarter, Competitive Design