Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A 3D Printed Model is Worth a Thousand Words

Today's blog is by Julie Reece.

Every month, we feature a “part of the month” that our customers and dealers can download and print on their own ZPrinters. This month’s part was created by our Russian channel partner, Cybercom.

OMSK Dormition Cathedral
Modeled by: Nikita Istratiy
(using 3DS Max)
Printed on ZPrinter 650
Let me stress that this model was not painted. It was printed in full color on a ZPrinter 3D printer. I can talk at length about how the ZPrinter creates far more accurate architectural models than handcrafting models, for a fraction of the time and price, but I believe in the old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Imagine the possibilities – you can print several of these models at once and give them to the client, zoning board, construction crew, and community groups. The amount of information conveyed in the 3D printed model is infinitely more than a 2D rendering, which results in faster approvals. You can even print several different versions of the design at one time in order to steer the client toward your desired design – the possibilities are mindboggling. Ultimately, what it means for you are better designs and more business.

If you haven’t yet adopted a 3D printer in your architectural firm, I am interested in learning why.